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Phone: (510) 333-2703

Licensed state: California


About me

" No Mortgage is One Size Fits All " With my over 2 decades in lending, consumer and business, one thing I know for certain is that every person has a unique set of needs and situation that calls for a certain loan program and structure As such my philosophy with my clients has always been from a consultative approach to come up with a customized solution. When economy shifts as it always does so does the market and with this constant changes come evolving regulations, changing rates, and new products, etc. The traditional 30 years fixed rate loan, a cornerstone of American homeownership and had helped place many American families in their first homes and sometimes second., may not always be the best option - if an option at all. My job as your loan officer is to find you the best mortgage program that suits your current need and situation with your medium and long term goals in mind. That is the biggest advantage of working with me. This is what makes brokers better! To review your options, Call me or Click the link below for a free consultation. Or click "apply" button when you are ready to take the first step!

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